Evaluating the Role e-Government on Public Administration Reform : Case of Official city Government websites in Indonesia


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This paper will evaluate the status of e-Government implementation on the Public Administration Reform (PAR) in Indonesia using samples of some official city government websites. Data were collected based on the four parameters of citizen document service, business permission service, planning transparency, and finance transparency. Each of these parameters will be evaluated with the score 0,1,2,3, or 4. Index of Reform (IR) is also calculated with the range 0 to 4. About 32 Websites samples are taken from the capital of provinces in Indonesia and non capital cities in Java. The result shows that only 15,6% websites having IR between 2.75 to 4.00 and city of Surabaya has the highest rank. Nationally, by combining the percentage of value 3 and 4 for each parameter, we obtain the percentage 18.75% for citizen service, 37.50% for business service, 25% for planning transparency, and 40.6% for finance transparency.. Meanwhile, West Indonesia with 35.30%, 52.94%,35%, and 42% is higher than East Indonesia with 0%, 19.97%, 13.34%, and 40%. Based on corridor, for the citizen service and business permission., Corridor Java and Sumatera had the percentage of 45.45% & 17%, and 54.55%& 50% which are higher than other corridors. On the planning transparency, Sumatra corridor had the highest score of 50%, then follow by Java with 27%. But corridor Bali&Nusatenggara with 100% is the best on the finance transparency, follow by Java (46%) and Sumatera (34%). As a conclusion, PAR using e-Gov in Indonesia is still running slowly. West Indonesia, with Java and Sumatera corridors, is better than East Indonesia in e-Gov implementation. But for the finance transparency, corridor Bali&NusaTenggara of East Indonesia is the best. It is recommended that each city government enhance the static content and gradually move to the transaction content, such as for ID card which the order progress can be known online since the order submission.


Prahono D. A and Elidjen D. (2015). Evaluating the Role e-Government on Public Administration Reform : Case of Official city Government websites in Indonesia. Procedia Computer Science, 59 (1), 27-33.


e-Government; Public Adminisrtration Reform; City Government; website; Indonesia

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Procedia Computer Science


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