Perancangan Program Model Regresi Ridge untuk Peramalan Biaya Pemasaran


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Change of request and nature of product frequently cause the expense of marketing becoming unstable, therefore it is often realised that the expense of marketing, is high and it is know after process of accounting. So that the profil is not optimal done, even lose. Forecasting of marketing expense is before done by a process marketing of solution is proposed with method by Ridge regression. Analyse by Ridge regression to show the sustability of data forecasted according to expense of marketing, including cyclic data and can overcome the problem of multicolinearitas happened at the forecasting of marketing expense. Article describes the development of Delphi computer program as a means for forecasting marketing expense and its application. AnalysResult can be used to assess product marketing, by management.


Suyanto C and Manik N. I. (2008). Perancangan Program Model Regresi Ridge untuk Peramalan Biaya Pemasaran. MatStat, 8 (2), 104-120.


program design, forecasting, expense of marketing, ridge regression model, forecasting

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Chandra Suyanto

  • Ngarap Imanuel Manik

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