Accounting Information Systems Development (Subsystems: Production Process in XYZ Ltd)


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The aims of this research are to identify and to analyze the need of accounting information systems, including the processes, procedures, and also the documents which related to the production process in XYZ. Next step, We conduct designing accounting information systems which is useful to support current business process. Analysis and design the systems that we conducted, related to the organizational structure and current business processes. Its analysis and design systems based on the theories of accounting information systems, production process and also internal control. The result achieved is an application model, which can assist production process activities, especially in documenting and storing data transaction and also generating reports in accordance with organizations needs. The conclusion is the implementation of the accounting information systems application which can improve the XYZs systems performance and the current business processes. Therefore, it can obtain the required information in a timely and accurately.


Kurniawan Y and Hiererra S. E. (2014). Accounting Information Systems Development (Subsystems: Production Process in XYZ Ltd). Applied Mechanics and Materials, 624 (8), 702-707.


Production Process, Internal Control, Systems

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Applied Mechanics and Materials


  • Siti Elda Hiererra

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