Innovation in Information Technology: Theoretical and Empirical Study in SMQR Section of Export Import in Automotive Industry


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This paper has the objective to provide the innovation in information technology in both theoretical and empirical study. Precisely, both aspects relate to the Shortage Mispacking Quality Report (SMQR) Claims in Export and Import in Automotive Industry. This paper discusses the major aspects of Innovation, Information Technology, Performance and Competitive Advantage. Furthermore, In the empirical study of PT. Astra Honda Motor (AHM) refers to SMQR Claims, Communication Systems, Analysis and Design Systems. Briefly both aspects of the major aspects and its empirical study are discussed in the Introduction Session. Furthermore, the more detail discussion is conducted in the related aspects in other sessions of this paper, in particular in Literature Review in term classical and updated reference of current research. The increases of SMQR claim and communication problem at PT. Astra Daihatsu Motor (PT. ADM) which still using the email cause the time of claim settlement become longer and finally it causes the rejected of SMQR claim by supplier. With presence of this problem then performed to design the integrated communication system to manage the communication process of SMQR claim between PT. ADM with supplier. The systems was analyzed and designed is expected to facilitate the claim communication process so that can be run in accordance with the procedure and fulfill the target of claim settlement time and also eliminate the difficulties and problems on the previous manual communication system with the email. The design process of the system using the approach of system development life cycle method by Kendall & Kendall (2006)which design process covers the SMQR problem communication process, judgment process by the supplier, claim process, claim payment process and claim monitoring process. After getting the appropriate system designs for managing the SMQR claim, furthermore performed the system implementation and can be seen the improvement in claim communication process and settlement time become faster and achieve the target. The conclusion in this paper comprises two major aspects. The first one refers to the conclusion in term of theory and concept. The second one refers to the conclusion in term of the empirical study of one of automotive industries in Indonesia. Both of them are expected to have contribution in current and future research of related aspects that are discussed in this paper


Soebandrija K. E. N and Pratama Y. (2013). Innovation in Information Technology: Theoretical and Empirical Study in SMQR Section of Export Import in Automotive Industry. EPJ Web of Conferences, 68 (18), 1-9.


Innovation / Information Technology / SMQR Claim / Communication Systems / Analysis and Design Systems

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  • Yogi Pratama

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