Knowledge Conversion System for Hospitals (A Conceptual Model) (SCOPUS)


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The hospital is close essentially related to the knowledge-intensive property, it is shown by the professionals at the hospital as a key for providing quality care to patients. Basically there are many problems that occur in hospitals in Indonesia related to the knowledge owned by the professionals at the hospital. The hospital needs to develop knowledge management systems based on knowledge conversion system as a basis for development of systems that can help to improve the process of medical or non-medical services at the hospital. This study indicates that the conceptual model of KM that suitable with these components, and the close correlation between professional workers (knowledge workers) and knowledge management performance for providing quality services.


Kurniawan D. Y, Prabowo I. H and Budiastuti D. D. (2016). Knowledge Conversion System for Hospitals (A Conceptual Model) (SCOPUS). Advanced Science Letters, 22 (5), 1147-1150.


Conversion; Hospital; Knowledge Management

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Advanced Science Letters


  • Ir. Harjanto Prabowo
  • Dr. Dyah Budiastuti

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