Preferential triplet over singlet emission of Zn in laser-induced plasmas (SCOPUS)


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An experimental study is performed on the time-dependent intensity variations of Zn emission focusing on the triplet (Zn I 481.0 nm) and singlet (Zn I 636.2 nm) emission lines induced under three experimental conditions. A single nanosecond (ns) Nd:YAG laser in standard laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) setup is employed for the investigation of direct shock wave-induced emission characteristics with N2 ambient gas at 0.4 kPa and the different effects of He ambient gas at 2 kPa. An additional two-laser system consisting of ns and picosecond (ps) lasers in an orthogonal setup is used to study the exclusive role of a He-assisted excitation (HAE) process for the generation of those two Zn emission lines. The results of this study consistently exhibit the dominant triplet emission over the singlet emission marked by initial maximum intensity ratios of 8 and 12 obtained from the experiments using a single-laser setup in N2 and He ambient gases, respectively, indicating the significant contribution of the HAE mechanism to the enhanced and longer lasting Zn emission in He gas. The experiment using the special two-laser setup further demonstrates the exclusive role of the HAE process in the Zn emission featuring an even markedly higher triplet/singlet intensity ratio of 22. Thus, the results of this study suggest the possibly more general nature of dominant triplet emission phenomena previously found in laser-induced He and Ca emission spectra.


Pardede M, S.Kom D. R. H, Lahna K, Idris N, Abdulmadjid S. N, Jobiliong E, Suyanto H, Tjia M. O, Lie T. J, Lie D. Z. S, Kurniawan K. H, Wihardjo E and Kagawa K. (2017). Preferential triplet over singlet emission of Zn in laser-induced plasmas (SCOPUS). Japanese Journal of Applied Physics, 56 (6), 1-5.


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Japanese Journal of Applied Physics


Marincan Pardede

  • Dr. Rinda Hedwig S.Kom
  • Kurnia Lahna
  • Nasrullah Idris
  • Syahrun Nur Abdulmadjid
  • Eric Jobiliong
  • Hery Suyanto
  • May On Tjia
  • Tjung Jie Lie
  • Dr.Eng. Zener Sukra Lie
  • Koo Hendrik Kurniawan
  • Erning Wihardjo
  • Kiichiro Kagawa

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