Inovasi Belajar Entrepreneurship dengan BMC Game




The purpose of long-term research in this study to produce entrepreneurship learning model using Business Model Canvas Games. To improve the content of information and communication technology in the entrepreneurship learning process because of the density of other subjects is very time consuming students so spare time to work on Entrepreneurship courses become very minimal and students do not get lecturer guidance on an ongoing basis in entrepreneurship activities, so the ability of students to find business ideas Which corresponds to the disciplines that are being cultivated is limited, making it difficult for them to innovate according to their own discipline. The phenomenon of social media became one of the lack of concentration of students to study formal, even President Jokowi wants social media (medsos) used for productive things, encouraging creativity and innovation and improving the welfare of society. The benefits of this study are expected to be useful for educational institutions to develop entrepreneurship learning models, and the specific targets to be achieved from this research are expected to be useful for the Binus Entrepreneurship Center (BEC) unit to make innovative development of entrepreneurship learning process. Participants of this study Binus students of various departments who are taking the EN001 and EN002 courses. This research uses Research and Development method (Research and Development). The results until now have made prototype of BMC Games product, in the form of software and vidio to facilitate socialization to students and lecturers.


Sudrajat J, Rahman M. A, Lumbantoruan P. M. H and Ricky M. Y. (2017). Inovasi Belajar Entrepreneurship dengan BMC Game. Conference on Management and Behavioral Studies, 238-247. Universitas Tarumanegara: Universitas Tarumanegara


Learning, BMC games, Social media, Productive

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Conference on Management and Behavioral Studies


  • Muhammad Ali Rahman
  • Pieter M. H. Lumbantoruan
  • Michael Yoseph Ricky

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