Information System Model of A Work-Plan Budget


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As a form of accountability in carrying out its duties, functions, and authority, a government agency must prepare a budget and work plan. The budgeting process in many government agencies utilizes manual processes with various documents, resulting in long processing time, numerous errors, and difficulty in data searching. Furthermore,the lack of data integration interferes with the need to meet requirements, standards, and budget-planning deadlines. The research methods were conducted through field observations, interviews, and models based on literature review. The proposed model was designed with the unified model language (UML), class diagram, use-case diagram, sequence diagram, and activity diagram. The result is an information system model of work-plan budget that can successfully support the management performance of a government agency in performance-based budgeting. This system model is both integrated and computerized to accommodate the requirements and support for the agency's internal management performance.


Pardamean B and Setyodewi H. (2014). Information System Model of A Work-Plan Budget. Journal of Software, 9 (5), 1095-1106.


work plan, budget, government agency, information system model

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Journal of Software


  • Hutanti Setyodewi

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