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Job portal is considerably useful for both job seekers and employers. It enables job seekers to look for an employment, to advance their careers, or to market themselves. As for the employers, they can post vacant positions to be filled with suitable employees. A certain job portal received numerous complaints regarding its features that were unable to fulfill the users needs. These complaints led to the decrease of the number of users. A study was conducted to determine factors that influenced users interest by referring to the 7C framework. Questionnaires were distributed to numerous job seekers and employers. The data were analyzed using multiple linear regression technique. Chi-square analysis was also performed to further analyze which elements of the 7C framework were essential for the users. The results showed that only four out of seven elements from the framework affected the users choice towards job portal, namely the context, the content, the community, and the commerce.


Sudiana and Pardamean B. (2014). User's Interest Assessment on Job Portal. International Journal of Web Portals, 6 (1), 64-75.


7C Framework, Commerce, Communication, Community, Connection, Content, Context, Customization, Job Portal

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International Journal of Web Portals


  • Bens Pardamean

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