A Survey of Medical Image Classification Techniques (SCOPUS)




Medical informatics is the study that combines two medical data sources: biomedical record and imaging data. Medical image data is formed by pixels that correspond to a part of a physical object and produced by imaging modalities. Exploration of medical image data methods is a challenge in the sense of getting their insight value, analyzing and diagnosing of a specific disease. Image classification plays an important role in computer-aided-diagnosis and is a big challenge on image analysis tasks. This challenge related to the usage of methods and techniques in exploiting image processing result, pattern recognition result and classification methods and subsequently validating the image classification result into medical expert knowledge. The main objective of medical images classification is not only to reach high accuracy but also to identify which parts of human body are infected by the disease. This paper reviewed the state-of-the-art of image classification techniques to diagnose human body disease. The review covered identification of medical image classification techniques, image modalities used, the dataset and trade off for each technique. At the end, the reviews showed the improvement of image classification techniques such as to increase accuracy and sensitivity value and to be feasible employed for computer-aided-diagnosis are a big challenge and an open research.


Miranda E, Aryuni M and Irwansyah E. (2017). A Survey of Medical Image Classification Techniques (SCOPUS). 2016 International Conference on Information Management and Technology (ICIMTech), 56-61. Bandung, Indonesia: IEEE


medical informatics; image classification; disease diagnosis

Published On

2016 International Conference on Information Management and Technology (ICIMTech)


Eka Miranda


  • Mediana Aryuni
  • Edy Irwansyah

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