A Web Framework for SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) using Loosely Coupled Web Services


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Indonesia has a lot of SMEs as well as significant employment. However, it is estimated SMEs only producing less than 40 percent of the GDP of Indonesia. This is because SMEs mainly in the fields of agriculture and handicraft industry has a low productivity of the total 53 million SMEs that exist, one of the only place due to lack of mastery of information technology and entrepreneurial skills. Partial developments of the SMEs do not have optimal results because they do not include the strengthening of Information Technology in business due to limited capacity. One reliable solution is to develop an integrated SME information portal based web services technologies, so that anyone can obtain product information and ordering that each SME can increase sales and transactions are SMEs. Loosely coupled web services is the latest web technologies which can provide information for anyone who wants to consume existing methods for the portal, so the developers can access the methods and building web applications as needed. The results of this study are the exposure of the SME portal framework and web-based application services. The expected result is the creation of blueprints and application of SME portal framework based on Web Services is presented in this paper.


Ardiansyah, Timothy B and Budiharto D. W. (2014). A Web Framework for SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) using Loosely Coupled Web Services. Journal of Software, 9 (4), 829-833.


web services, SME, web portal

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Journal of Software



  • Brian Timothy
  • Dr. Widodo Budiharto

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