A Method for Path Planning Strategy and Navigation of Service Robot


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This paper presents our work on the development of Path Planning Strategy and Navigation by using ANFIS(Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System)controller for a vision-based service robot. The robot will deliver a cup to a recognized customer and a black line as the guiding track for navigating a robot with a single camera. The contribution of this research includes a proposed architecture of ANFIS controller for vision-based service robot integrated with improved face recognition system using PCA, and the algorithm for moving obstacle avoidance. We also propose a path planning algorithm based on Dijkstras algorithm to obtain the shortest path for robot to move from the starting point to the destination. In order to avoid moving obstacles, we have proposed an algorithm using binaural ultrasonic sensors. The service robot called Srikandi is also equipped with 4 DOF arm and a framework of face recognition system. The proposed path planning strategy and navigation was tested empirically and proved effective.


Budiharto D. W, Santoso A, Purwanto D and Jazidie A. (2011). A Method for Path Planning Strategy and Navigation of Service Robot. Paladyn Journal Of Behavioral Robotics, 2 (2), 100-108.


service robot, Navigation, ANFIS, Path Planning, face recognition

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Paladyn Journal Of Behavioral Robotics


  • Ari Santoso
  • Djoko Purwanto
  • Achmad Jazidie

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