Medium of Conference

  • The conference’s official language is English, therefore, it is required that the paper is written and presented in English. (except for Sinta publication should be written in the Indonesian language)

Presentation & Publication (Full paper)

  • A full paper is requested if you are also considering publishing your paper.

Ethical Standards

  • Articles submitted to the conference should report original, previously unpublished research findings, whether experimental or theoretical and should not be considered for publication elsewhere. We are adamant that ethical behavior is an essential characteristic of any academic. Consequently, any act of plagiarism is entirely inappropriate academic misconduct and cannot be tolerated.

Presentation Category

  • Online Presentation (LIVE): Opportunity to do a Live Zoom Presentation at the Conference. Each Presenter will get 10 Minutes to do their Presentation (PPT is Recommended). Each Presenter will have 5 Minutes for the Q&A Session.
  • Onsite Presentation (LIVE): Participants have the opportunity to present their work live at the conference venue. Each presenter will be allocated a 10-minute slot to deliver their presentation, with the option to use PowerPoint slides. Following the presentation, there will be a dedicated 5-minute Q&A session, allowing attendees to interact with the presenter directly.

Submission Guidelines

  • Full paper Submission: Submit the full paper for the selected publication opportunity. The paper length should not be less than 6 and not exceed 7 pages (including the references). All submitted articles should report original, previously unpublished research results, experimental or theoretical.