Artificial Intelligence R&D Center focuses on developing AI systems to solve various real-world problems. Currently, we cover several projects as follows:

  • Accelerating Ancestry Estimation of Genomic Studies in Indonesia Using GPUs
  • Accelerating Genome-Wide Analysis of Colorectal Cancer Using GPUs
  • A Bayesian Hierarchical Mixed Model for Identifying Significant Polygenic Effects while Controlling for Confounding and Repeated Measures
  • Automatic Breast Cancer Detection using Deep Learning
  • Object Counting System using Deep Learning
  • Pineapple counting from aerial image
  • Appearance Based Object Detection and Recognition in Uncontrolled Environment
    Land Use Change Analysis and Prediction in Bodetabek Area using Remote Sensing and GIS
  • Hand Gesture Sign Language Recognition System Using Deep Learning Approach
  • Smart Health Monitoring Using Internet-of-Things
  • Diabetes Tool for Nutrients Estimation Based on Deep Learning and Computer Vision
  • Deep Learning for Social Engineering Behavioral for Cyber Security
  • Algorithm Development, Interpreting Deep Learning Structures, Deep Knowledge Extraction, and Its Novel Applications in Various Domains
  • Virtual Reality Using GPU
  • Applied Deep Learning involving Generative Adversarial Networks (GAN), Neural Turing Machine (NTM), Deep Convolutional Neural Networks using image/audio/text dataset and geospatial imagery dataset
  • Deep Learning for Imbalance Data Classification Using Frozen Class Expert Generative Adversarial Network
  • Applied Deep Learning for low-power computing devices
  • Food image recognition with convolutional neural network
  • Satellite imagery classification using deep learning