Lintasarta Explores Collaborative Opportunities in GPU Cloud Services with AIRDC

On 7 May 2024, Mr. Gidion Suranta Barus, Chief Cloud Officer of Lintasarta, and his team visited the Artificial Intelligence Research & Development Center (AIRDC) at Bina Nusantara University Anggrek campus.

The purpose of the visit was to explore the potential implementation of Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) cloud services in Indonesia. With the increasing demand for high-performance computing, particularly in fields like bioinformatics and data science, the integration of GPU cloud services offers a promising solution to meet the computational needs of advanced research and development.

During the visit, Mr. Gidion and his team engaged with Prof. Dr. Bens Pardamean, Head of AIRDC, about future collaborations and enhanced knowledge exchange between AIRDC and Lintasarta. Both parties expressed their interests in joint research projects and training programs, aiming to leverage the capabilities of GPU cloud services in various domains.