NVIDIA’s DLI Workshop in Collaboration with Data Science Club Binus University

February 17 2024 and February 24 2024, an NVIDIA DLI workshop was held as a result of the collaboration between NVIDIA-BINUS Artificial Intelligence Research and Development Center (AIRDC) and the Data Science Club (DSC) with the title “Employing Data Scientists in the Deep Learning Realm”. The workshop was held at BINUS @Kemanggisan Angrek Campus and attended by 15 participants from students majoring in computer science, data science, and cyber security. The workshop was presented by NVIDIA DLI-certified instructor, Nicholas Dominic.

The first workshop was held on February 17 2024 with the theme “Fundamentals of Deep Learning”. In the first workshop, participants were invited to understand the basic concepts of deep learning and its application in the field of computer vision. Meanwhile, the second workshop was held on February 24 2024 with the theme “Accelerated Data Science with RAPIDS”. RAPIDS is an accelerated platform for machine learning. This second workshop provides an in-depth understanding of the effective use of RAPIDS for big data processing.

At the closing of the two workshops, a brief career talk by Nicholas Dominic and Kuncahyo Setyo Nugroho, a Research Assistant from the Bioinformatics and Data Science Research Center (BDSRC) Binus University. This event aims to provide additional insight and career preparation for participants in the world of data science.

For more information about upcoming events, visit the BDSRC and AIRDC websites of Binus University.