NVIDIA’s DLI Workshop at Binus University @Malang: Empowering Indonesia’s Future in AI

October 6th, 2023, marked another milestone for Indonesia’s aspiring data science and Artificial Intelligence (AI) enthusiasts as NVIDIA-BINUS Artificial Intelligence Research and Development Center (AIRDC) of BINUS University can hold another exclusive Deep Learning Institute (DLI) workshop powered by NVIDIA at BINUS University Malang Campus.

The Deep Learning workshop was conducted at BINUS @Malang, which brought together over 30 enthusiastic participants, ranging from students, lecturers, and researchers to professionals eager to delve into the fundamentals of deep learning. The workshop was delivered by a certified DLI instructor, Gregorius Natanael Elwirehardja, who guided the attendees through the whole workshow. The day’s agenda encompassed a diverse range of topics, designed to empower attendees with practical insights and hands-on experience in deep learning:

Introduction to Deep Learning: The workshop commenced with a comprehensive introduction to the fascinating realm of deep learning. Participants were immersed in the foundations, applications, and critical importance of deep learning in our technology-driven world, including how deep learning models train, the need for huge volumes of data, as well as Convolutional Neural Networks and other architectures.

Practical Hands-on Deep Learning Experiment: Attendees rolled up their sleeves and delved into interactive sessions that provided hands-on experience on training deep learning models. NVIDIA’s GPUs played a pivotal role in this hands-on experience, showcasing their prowess in AI development.

Upon successful completion of the workshop, participants received coveted NVIDIA DLI certificates, validating their newfound expertise in the realm of deep learning. This workshop represents just one chapter in the ongoing narrative of technological innovation and expertise-building in the region. Hopefully, the workshop can provide the beneficial knowledge required by aspiring AI enthusiasts to further contribute in the field of deep learning.

For updates on future events and collaborations, please visit the websites of BDSRC and AIRDC of BINUS University.