Opening of the Artificial Intelligence Study Program BINUS University, Globalicious 2023

Globalicious is an annual event organized by BINUS University, where high school students can explore various programs and achievements of BINUS. As a step towards adapting to technological advancements, BINUS has officially introduced the Artificial Intelligence (AI) study program at the Globalicious 2023 event, enabling the younger generation to delve deeper into this increasingly popular and widely used technology of today’s era. BINUS is well-recognized as a university with a substantial portfolio of AI projects, and it is hoped that the diverse experiences of BINUS faculty and researchers can help train the younger generation to specialize in the field of AI technology.

At the Globalicious 2023 event held at BINUS University’s Anggrek campus on September 16, 2023, the NVIDIA-BINUS AI Research & Development Center (AIRDC) also showcased various AI-based products developed through research. The exhibited applications include the “DeepPineapple Counting System,” an application for counting pineapple plants; “Lung Disease Detection using SWaV in Web-Based Applications,” a system for detecting lung diseases; and “Violation Detection of Maximum Room Capacity using CSRNet and Gap Regularizer.” These three applications, developed using Deep Learning models, captured the attention of many visitors, and it is hoped that this event will enhance the understanding of the younger generation regarding the capabilities of AI today.