Fundamental Components of Microlearning for Sustainable Quality Education: A Systematic Literature Review

E-learning was disrupted by a new concept of education named microlearning that carried various digital learning materials in convenient learning paths that were customizable according to users’ necessity by using digital application. The competitive advantage of microlearning has been published but caused ubiquitous bias definition. This study aims to identify and analyze fundamental components of existing microlearning research and implementations in e-learning platforms. 42 research articles from SCOPUS database were collected from 2018 to 2022. They were reviewed to discover fundamental components of microlearning that must be considered in its implementations. The result of this study uncovered “Content’s variety” the most fundamental components. In contrast, this study finds that advance technology is the least discussed but required in supporting specific usage of microlearning. Limitation of this study lies on the determination of database and keyword usage and the methodology. This study recommends to consider combination of microlearning components to concept a specialized microlearning for sustainable quality education.


Reza Rahutomo, Siti ELDA Hiererra, Yulyani Arifin, Muhamad Nanang Suprayogi, Bens Pardamean

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