Smart Dome 4.0: Low-Cost, Independent, Automated Energy System for Agricultural Purposes enabled by Machine Learning

Many economically essential crops in Indonesia (such as coffee, tea, chocolate, or copra) require storage or drying under certain environmental conditions, especially temperature and humidity. The solar dryer dome, typically used for agricultural purposes in Indonesia, produces a sufficient amount of heat to increase the evaporation rate inside the dome and reduce the moisture content of the commodity. A hybrid solar dryer accompanied by a photovoltaic panel, fan, and ventilation system is generally suitable. The system can provide an optimum environment with minimum control. However, as the outdoor temperature and humidity change dramatically, such as at night time, more control is required. Based on Industry 4.0 technologies, we have developed a new kind of hybrid solar dryer that provides an optimum environment 24/7. The system, called Smart Dome 4.0, is an intelligent, low-cost, self-sufficient drying and storage system to support Indonesia Agriculture 4.0. The system has a local power generation unit to self-sustain the required energy and operate without connecting to the electricity grid. The system utilizes a machine-learning algorithm to predict the environmental condition and optimally uses self-generated electric power. The developed Smart Dome 4.0 technology is critical to producing a sustainable solar dome under drastic environmental dynamics.

Journal of Physics: Conference Series

Arief Suriadi Budiman, Fergyanto E Gunawan, Endang Djuana, Bens Pardamean, Sugiarto Romeli, Dianing Novita Nurmala Putri, Daisman PB Aji, Kuat Rahardjo, Stevanus, M. Ilham Wibowo, Nadiev Daffa, Raymond Owen

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