One Step Closer to Automated Fishery!

Last Tuesday, 12th May 2020, we had an online meeting with PT Mega Medica Pharmaceuticals (MMP) about the development of our collaboration project, PondIOT. MMP is a pharmaceutical company that produces albumin extract. The albumin they produced, came from a certain species of fish that were breed by MMP themselves. Therefore, MMP also needs to develop its fishery technology to increase their productivity. Our collaboration project, PondIOT, is a system that consists of sensors, actuators, AI and a webserver to maintain high-quality output of the equipped pond. In the future, the pond is aimed to reduce human task load while still maintaining good quality and high quantity of fish. The preliminary study of the PondIoT, or rather our prototype, has been published in the form of a conference paper. The full paper can be found here [link]