About ICOBAR 2024

The 6th edition of International Conference on Biospheric Harmony Advanced Research (ICOBAR) is scheduled for August 28-29, 2024, utilizing a hybrid platform for participation. Embracing the concept of “biospheric harmony” as a central theme, ICOBAR 2024 calls for scientific papers from both domestic and international speakers, emphasizing the need to live in harmony with the environment during this era dominated by human activities.

In the context of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), ICOBAR 2024 holds particular significance. As the world rapidly transitions into the digital age, where technology increasingly shapes the course of human existence, there arises a pressing need to explore how digital technologies can be instrumental in crafting a sustainable and innovative society. Under the banner of “Fostering Synergy: Navigating a Sustainable Society through Digital Technologies,” the conference aims to unite experts, stakeholders, and thought leaders. The objective is to delve into the potential of digital technologies in propelling sustainable development and innovation across key industries such as energy, transportation, agriculture, and healthcare.

This conference serves as a dynamic forum for the exchange of ideas and in-depth discussions on the challenges and opportunities inherent in the integration of digital technology. Innovative solutions that promote sustainability and unlock novel economic and social prospects will be showcased, all with the overarching aim of instigating collaborative efforts towards a future that is both sustainable and innovative in the digital realm.

Adopting a multidisciplinary approach, the conference seeks to enrich our comprehension of the impacts of digital technologies and identify strategies to address potential challenges. Attendees will actively engage with leading experts through keynote speeches, panel discussions, and breakout sessions, actively contributing to the ongoing discourse on the pivotal role of digital technologies in shaping our collective future.

The organizing committee warmly invites researchers and practitioners from academia, industries, research institutions, R&D enterprises, and governmental organizations to partake in this intellectual journey. Original, unpublished papers aligning with the conference themes are sought, with recommended lengths between five to eight pages, encompassing figures, tables, references, and appendices. This conference not only opens a space for the sharing of innovative ideas but also propels a collaborative dialogue towards a sustainable and inventive digital future, resonating with the objectives outlined in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Aligning the vision to combine the researchers and practitioners, ICOBAR 2024 also collaborates with Indo-Pacific Forum (IPF) 2024. IPF 2024 organizes thought-provoking main events, such as International Seminar and Academics Community Network, BINUS Youth Ambassador for ASEAN-Indo Pacific, Research Exhibition and Industry Forum.