Assessment and Review Web: Wonderful Indonesia

One of the promotional activities of Wonderful Indonesia is through advertising on television (TVC), both Indonesia national television, as well as pay-tv which aired in various countries. In 2016, Indonesia was ranked 47 out of 144 countries. The purpose of this study was to find the symbolic meaning is shown visually on TVC wonderful Indonesia version of A Visual Journey through Banyuwangi. Thus it would be reflected connotative and denotative meaning contained in the TVC visualization. The identity of Indonesian signs and cultural philosophy which is shown in the visualization of TVC. The method of research using semiotic analysis of Roland Barthes which think that social life is a sign of its own system. Data were collected through observations and interviews of several resource persons to complete the analysis.

The results showed that video “A Visual Journey through Banyuwangi TVC” has been successfully serving pictures with denotative and connotative depicted as reality. Denotative shown depict nature in Banyuwangi in East Java, such as waterfalls, traveling to there, the uniqueness of natural stone and see the activities tourists and local people in their daily activities. While the connotative meanings attributed to the Indonesian culture and philosophical, humble and harmony.

Keyword: Banyuwangi, Symbolic meaning, TVC, Visual journey