In respond to Covid19 Pandemic, where remote learning is no longer an option, RIG Cross Cultural Communication held a webinar titled “Creative and Engaging Online Learning for Foreign Language Students”. This third webinar was held by RIG on May 9, 2020.

The topic was chosen considering how educational system needs to adapt with remote learning environment. Even in times of crisis like this, education matters. Delivering quality education is clearly a challenge in current circumstances. Some are struggling to deliver even that, and their students will have considerable catching up to do.

Online learning is indeed a challenge, including for foreign language students. Joice Yulinda Luke, S.Pd., M.Hum as the speaker on the webinar, said that there are some advantages and disadvantages of online learning. However, there are some ways to get optimum impact of online learning. Educators need to consider some elements to have creative and engaging online learning, i.e. fun, collaborative, interactive, autonomy and at the same time able to achieve language development.

The webinar was participated by more that 100 participants, coming not only from Jakarta, but also from Java, Sumatera, Sulawesi, Bali, Kalimantan and NTT. The enthusiasm of participants to join the webinar proved how the online learning practice, relatively new for many, is not only challenging but also interesting. The participants were introduced to some online applications that can be utilized to engage students.

Learning foreign languages, where students need to know how to use and say the words, needs more interactive methods. Ibu Joice Yulinda showed some example of using storyboard, faceQ, mentimeter, duolinggo, quizizz, padlet  to name a view, and of course there are many more attractive applications/softwares that can be explored. Educators could tailor those applications based on language skills (listening, speaking, writing, or reading) they need to achieve. After all, online learning is not only about gadget and technology internet, but also MOTIVATION. Motivation to have time management, motivation to embrace technology and motivation to learn and explore applications/ bsoftware to support a creative and engaging online learning. (FH)