Validation of Polygenic Risk Score (PRS) Model of DNAku Skin Health Traits for 1000 Genetic Samples

This ongoing project is a further development of the Polygenic Risk Scoring model (PRS) of 22 skin health traits targeted by BDSRC’s research partner industry, PT Genetics Indonesia, for building the skin-related genetic testing module called DNAku. One of the foremost phases of the project is a data collection of 1000 genotyping samples from the Indonesian population, which is carried out by PT Genetics Indonesia.

The main goal of the research is to provide a more accurate and complete statistical benchmark of the risk scoring level for those skin-related traits since some traits do not have a representative number of genetic variants to be used for the PRS. The bioinformatics analysis of the project is currently conducted by the BDSRC team. Therefore, using 1000 samples can provide a more profound genome-wide association study, especially for the Indonesian population. This is useful for population-targeted PRS models for the skin traits.