Polygenic Risk Score (PRS) of Cardiovascular Diseases Module and Genotyping Trait COVID-19 Submodule

This project is part of industrial collaboration between BDSRC and PT Genetics Indonesia (PT GI). We developed a module for determining the risk of cardiovascular disease through a knowledge based-polygenic risk score (PRS) modeling, which has been built using a public database previously created by the third party and BDSRC. Variants in the knowledge base consist of variants from Asian populations as well as other populations. This genetic module was validated on genetic samples collected by PT GI. 

The cardiovascular module was also developed to a COVID-19 submodule in the form of mapping the genotype of each SNP related to the COVID-19 trait in each genetic sample. This submodule validation was performed on a subset of the genetic data in the cardiovascular module. Then, this study also developed an information system so that it is easy to access the variants of cardiovascular diseases.