Polygenic Risk Score (PRS) Model for Hereditary Cancer Screening

The development of a  genetic test targeted toward the Indonesian market is hindered by the lack of representative samples to develop an accurate risk model, especially for hereditary cancer screening. In this collaborative project between BDSRC and PT Genetics Indonesia (GI), we developed a polygenic risk score (PRS) model for hereditary cancer. The first step in the project built a knowledge base of variants of Asian populations that can be represented for the Indonesian population from a public database for several common cancers, which was done by BDSRC.

Using the statistics of Indonesian genetic samples collected from PT GI, BDSRC had developed a PRS model for cancer screening with a more careful risk classification with an input of the genetic variants from the knowledge base. The model has been implemented with a proper information system in PT GI and is now a part of the DNAku module by PT GI.