Research Collaboration Visitation to INSTIPER Yogyakarta

From Tuesday to Thursday (6-8/9), Bioinformatics & Data Science Research Center (BDSRC) BINUS University had the opportunity to visit one of the partners, the Institute Pertanian Stiper (INSTIPER) Yogyakarta.

The visitation aimed to re-open a relationship with INSTIPER which had stalled during the COVID-19 pandemic era. Represented by Head of Operations Section Anzaludin Samsinga P., Senior Researchers Joko Pebrianto Trinugroho and Dedy Ariansyah, along with all Research Assistants and Operations Team conducted several discussions related to exploring future research collaborations

BDSRC filled the first day by attending an evaluation meeting agenda related to the collaboration between BINUS University and INSTIPER. It was held in the Meeting Room of the Institute for Research and Community Service (LPPM) INSTIPER by the Vice Chancellor I of INSTIPER Yogyakarta, Mrs. Dr. Maria Ulfah STP, MP., and Dr. Ir. Andreas Wahyu Krisdiarto, M.Eng as the Head of LPPM INSTIPER, this session discussed the achievements of the BINUS University-INSTIPER collaboration and the formulation of strategic steps planned in welcoming future collaborations.

During this visit, the BDSRC team conducted parallel workshops and discussions with three INSTIPER faculties. Located at the INSTIPER Auditorium, the first session (Tuesday 6/9) and the second session (Wednesday 7/9) were filled with discussion sessions with the Faculty of Agricultural Technology and the Faculty of Agriculture. The third session continued with the Faculty of Forestry which was held in the Meeting Room of the INSTIPER Faculty of Forestry (Wednesday 7/9).

In this workshop, the BDSRC team had the opportunity to share their presentation on Bioinformatics in Agriculture. This discussion was held with INSTIPER lecturers and researchers to explore the potential for collaboration in bioinformatics and artificial intelligence (AI) research with their respective fields. This session triggers the emergence of research topics in the scope of agricultural technology, agriculture, and forestry to be studied through a bioinformatics and AI approach.

Closed with a follow-up meeting on Thursday (8/9) in the LPPM INSTIPER Meeting Room, this visitation resulted in several lists of potential research collaborations from three faculties which will be realized soon.