Pharmacotherapy Based On Medical Genetics For Smoking Cessation

Indonesia is the fourth highest consumer of cigarettes in the world with an estimated high cost in healthcare expenditure on tobacco-related diseases. Nonetheless, regulations on tobacco products are lax and healthcare provider involvement in aiding smoking cessation is minimal. Generally, a variety of smoking cessation aids exists and medical genetics have come into play to enhance their efficacy. A questionnaire survey was piloted to query participants on their smoking habits, past cessation attempts, opinions on factors related to smoking cessation, and reactions to information that medical genetics could provide within the context of smoking cessation. The findings showed that most participants have attempted cessation without aid. Pharmacotherapy was not used by any respondents while behavioral interventions were scarcely used. Nevertheless, 83% of participants indicated that medical genetics information would be useful in future cessation attempts and that they would consult physicians for advice.

Communications in Mathematical Biology and Neuroscience

Carissa I Pardamean, James W Baurley, Bens Pardamean

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