Sleep Quality and Daily Activity Association Assessment From Wearable Device Data

Having good sleep is important to maintain physical and mental health. However, many young adults suffer poor sleep due to work or academic demands. Even more, sleep is associated with stress which is many young adults experienced it. To solve this problem, many epidemiologic studies suggest that exercise may improve sleep quality. On the other hand, several studies show that daily activity has no association with sleep quality. In this study, we tried to find more evidence of whether the daily activity has an association with sleep quality or not. We used a commercially available wearable device to capture the subject’s heart rate, step count and deep sleep duration for 7 months. Then we used linear regression, XGBoost, and Long Short-Term Memory to find an association between these variables. The results show that there was no association between these variables.

International Conference on Information Management and Technology 2020

Bharuno Mahesworo, Haryono Soeparno, Arif Budiarto, Alam Ahmad Hidayat, and Bens Pardamean

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