Simulation of Availability and Loss of Nutrient Elements in Land with Android-Based Fertilizing Applications

The ability of land in the supply of technically sustainable nutrients for the growth and development of long-lived oil palm plants is very limited. The limited carrying capacity of land in the supply of nutrients must be balanced with the addition of nutrients through fertilization. Ideally, the application of fertilization is site specific, but it is unfortunate that the cost constraints cause location-specific fertilization doses cannot be obtained immediately. The purpose of this study is to develop an Android-based fertilizer application to simulate the availability and loss of nutrients in the care or cultivation of oil palm. The Hydrometer method was used to carry out soil structure analysis. Data on the amount of nutrients stored and released from fertilizer applications was modeled with the help of the stock and flow diagram method. The stock and flow diagram method was used to determine the effect of the amount of fertilizer introduced on nutrients stored in the main crop and the large amount of fertilizer that was evaporated, runoff, and deviated. Furthermore, this method was able to predict the amount of nutrition during fertilization (1 semester). The results of this study are in the form of an Android-based application which is compiled based on the calculation scheme obtained from the Stock and Flow Diagram.

International Conference on Information Management and Technology 2020

Dian Pratama Putra Suwarno Saragih, Mohammad Prasanto Bimantio, Angga Ade Sahfitra, Teddy Suparyanto, and Bens Pardamean

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