Provoking Tweets by Indonesia Media Twitter in the Initial Month of Coronavirus Disease Hit

After months in denial, on 2 nd March 2020 the first case of COVID-19 in Indonesia was announced and soon was declared as a national pandemic. COVID-19 was since being the headlines of the news offline and online. This trigger either positive or negative responses from the readers, which in turn affect at least the depth of understanding and furthermore the effectiveness of any enforced intervention taken with the purpose to control the transmission of the COVID-19. In order to assess how likely the COVID-19-containing news being forwarded to reach more readers and how the pertinent news bridge further virtual interaction, we crawled data from Twitter as the major online microblogging platform to analyze how likely COVID-19-containing tweets were echoed and what typical tweet about COVID-19 that gained attentions. This is critical to evaluate how people virtually responded against the tweets. Our analyzed data is visualized using Matplotlib by Python and Graph Prism8 accordingly. We figured out that timing and number of followers are not determinative for the tweets being retweeted. Instead, provoking headline add likelihood for the tweets to be moving forward. Also appeared in our analysis that the top two media (Detik and Kompas) shared the same proportion on their tweet type fractions on where information dominated the fraction of their tweets.

International Conference on Information Management and Technology 2020

Ika Nurlaila, Reza Rahutomo, Bens Pardamean, and Kartika Purwandari

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