Improving Conversion Rates for Fashion e-Commerce with A/B Testing

Shopping centers are transformed from physical stores to e-commerce with more varied product and service offerings. Since fashion is the most favorite item category in Indonesia, there are lots of fashion e-commerce grown in the country. One of the unsatisfactory conditions that are occurred in fashion e-commerce in Indonesia is user drop off. By using funnel analysis, the product detail page of fashion e-commerce founded as the page with the most user drop off. To tackle this problem, several experiments were prepared. With A/B testing, the experiments that possibly improved the conversion rate were identified. This research discovered experimental version of the User Interface (UI) of the product detail page by manipulating button colors, layout, and delivering comprehensible information to users

International Conference on Information Management and Technology 2020

Reza Rahutomo, Yulius Lie, Anzaludin Samsinga Perbangsa, and Bens Pardamean

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