Database Management System Design with Time Series Modification for Child Growth and Malnutrition Monitoring in The Regency of Serdang Bedagai

A poor data management has led zero stunting strategy in Indonesia moved nowhere. Some justifications on the demography and numbers of affected children remain a matter of plain assumptions without a clear supporting data. We hence develop a database system which enables time series monitoring on the expected increment of children’s physical growth. At this initial step, our database system will be implemented at Public Health Office (Dinas Kesehatan) of Serdang Bedagai, South Celebes. This is a modification from Connoly and Begg’s principles. Our database was built through 3-steps design started with conceptual followed by logical and at final step was normalizations-enriched physical design. By implementing this proposed system, the assigned healthcare workers will be able record every bit of superficial growth increase. Information obtained in the study is of essence for the efficient and effective intervention formula to achieve national zero stunting goal.

International Conference on Information Management and Technology 2020

Reza Rahutomo, Ika Nurlaila, Anzaludin S. Perbangsa, and Bens Pardamean

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