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Lumban Lobu Village

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Clean water is a vital needs for human beings which can be provided from natural water reservation, artesian well, or supplied by industry. Lumban Lobu village which is placed in Tapian Nauli I, Sipahutar district, North Sumatera area is 50km away from Tarutung city, had suffered from less fresh clean water since long time ago. This village is placed at an altitude of ±1200m above sea level where dry plantation can be found along the hill side but no water supplied available naturally. The villagers have to depend on the rain for water supply which is kept in the open tank. The rain drops will touch the rusty roof before finally fall down and is kept in the water tank. By this situation, the availability of clean-hygiene water is really rare to the villagers. The water that is kept in the tank will last within one week. Every house has this open tank just under the edge of the rusty roof and there is no spillway from the tank.

During the dry season, villagers, regardless the age, will have to walk down to the valley as far as 0.5 to 1km with the slope of almost 80 degree and as deep as 85m in order to get fresh clean water. They will bring buckets or containers to fill in with the fresh water and bring them back on their heads to their village for several times a day. This situation continues from time to time, especially this natural water reservoir is the only nearest place to rely on. It takes 15 to 30 minutes for each villager to climb up from the water reservoir to the village and usually due to the stiffness; the water in the container will remain half of it when the villager reaches their home.

The public primary school and public house are placed in the middle of the village, while this village is divided into 5 areas which are Sosor, Tungko Rau, Huta Galung, Lumban Sihobuk, which is abbreviated to SorGaRauHobuk and Siranggiting. The number of family in this village is 80 families with their main activity are farming such as coffee, nuts, and myrrh. Nevertheless, the result from agriculture is not enough to help the economics of the villagers.

For the past few years, a clean water program has become the main issue to be solved and a project had been done before. In 2003, one of the church organizations had tried to supply the water from Siborotan Mountain which is in the north part of the village and as far as 20km from the village. The pipes were connected from the higher altitude water source and directly guided to the open container in the middle of the village. However, the flow of the water became smaller since 2007, moreover the people from the north area also blocked the pipe totally so that villagers who live in the south part cannot get the water and this situation also made the pipe facility totally broke down.

The villagers also tried to build an artesian well but this plan was totally failed since it took more than 400 meters depth to get the fresh water. Still, the budget that was needed to accomplish such project was too expensive and the villagers had no funds to do this project.

RIG PCS together with Department of Electrical Engineering of Pelita Harapan University started to help the villagers by building the water supply system and this project continued even until now.

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