Performance of Industrial Revolution-base Lecturers 4.0

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Facing the industrial revolution era 4.0 education, especially universities in Indonesia must be able to prepare themselves well. Universities in Indonesia are required to be able to face and adjust to the changes that occurred in the industrial revolution era 4.0. Many universities think that moving lecture material into online or using high-specification computers means that they have taken part in implementing technology-based learning. The lecturer is the most important person who must respond to the changing times. Lecturers are the front guard in education at the university level. In addition to being important to produce quality graduates according to the needs of the times, self-quality renewal is also important for the sustainability of the lecturers’ careers. Research conducted on the performance of industrial revolution-based 4.0 lecturers was used as the theme in this study because researchers assumed that lecturers had an important role in the industrial revolution era 4.0 for that the performance of lecturers needed improved in order to produce quality student graduates in accordance with the industrial revolution era 4.0. The performance of lecturers at this time is still a lot that has not been maximized in supporting the industrial revolution 4.0, this situation is possible because many factors influence it. In this paper will discuss conceptually the performance of lecturers based on industrial revolution 4.0. © BEIESP.

Industrial revolution 4.0, Lecturer, Performance, Universities
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