Towards Co-creation Strategy and Organizational Agility Based on Customer Experience Orientation to Shape Transformational Performance

Digital Transformation: A Transformational Performance-based Conceptual Model Through Co-creation Strategy and Business Model Innovation in the Industry 4.0 in Indonesia

Analysis of the indicator’s performance to predict Indonesian Teacher Engagement Index (ITEI) Using Artificial Neural Networks

Knowledge Sharing and Transformational Leadership

The influence of Digital Customer Experience and Electronic Word of Mouth on Brand Image and Supply Chain Sustainable Performance

Digital Leadership Role in Developing Business Model Innovation and Customer Experience Orientation in Industry 4.0

Dynamic Capability: The Effect of Digital Leadership on Fostering Innovation Capability Based on Market Orientation

The Influence of Digital Leadership on Innovation Management Based on Dynamic Capability: Market Orientation as a Moderator

Learning Dexterity: A Techno Psycho Social Construct for Measuring the Potential

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