Subject Areas

Subject Areas (but not limited to):

  1. The assumption and conception of biospheric harmony
  2. Industry 4.0’s technologies contributing to biospheric harmony-based corporate
  3. Organizational culture and biospheric harmony management
  4. Automation-human symbiosis work system
  5. Impact of Industry 4.0 on energy and resources consumption
  6. Biospheric model of harmony-driven business
  7. Social impact of Industry 4.0 systems and activities
  8. Biospheric harmony maintenance policies/methodologies
  9. Employee empowerment affecting companies’ green performance
  10. Augmented reality and safety improvement
  11. Big data and analytic in biospheric harmony
  12. Biospheric harmony-decision support system
  13. Peaceful project management and financing
  14. International regime and fair trade
  15. Biospheric harmony promotion in literature, story-telling, and creative design